How to Monetise Your Life and Leverage What You Already Do

4 simple questions to help you create income streams

Alex Canal


Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

1. How do I spend my time?

The first step is to work out how you already spend your time, this could be your job, your studies or what you do in your spare time. The main thing to identify is what you do that you enjoy and then how it can be monetised. The goal is to work with your life, not to have to uproot everything.

Let’s say that you are a carpenter, you love your job and you want to see if you can make some more money from it. How would you go about that?

2. What content could I create?

First, you need to think about the types of content that you could create based on how you spend your time.

As a carpenter you could create content based on the jobs that you are working on explaining your process. Or you could use Google search or sites like Quora to work out what questions people have about carpentry and create content answering them. You could create content about a day in your life or review other content based around carpentry. There are endless possibilities.

3. What skills would I need?

The next thing to think about are the skills and resources needed to create the content. Most written or picture based content is pretty much free to create with the technology that we already have. The only difficulty comes with video content where a camera or microphone may be needed as well as basic video editing. Fortunately there are plenty of tutorials online and modern phones should suffice before splashing out on dedicated equipment.

4. How can I leverage this content?

Finally, it is time to create the content. The goal here is to create evergreen content that will be relevant for a long time. Let’s say, as our carpenter, we decide to create a video based on the table we’re currently making. So we make a video of that process narrating what we’re doing. Great, now we have a video, but what else can we do with that?

First, and most obviously it can be uploaded to YouTube, but also Twitter, Facebook and…