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  • Thuận Sarzynski

    Thuận Sarzynski

    SDG Warrior, World Citizen, Capitalist Hippie, Scientist, Polyglot, Storyteller, Writer, Earthling, Tree Hugger, Food Lover, Adoptee & Otaku

  • Caroline Stocks

    Caroline Stocks

    UK journalist currently in the US • Writes about food, agriculture and the environment • Ag policy nerd •

  • Tabitha Whiting

    Tabitha Whiting

    Ramblings on communication and our climate crisis🌱

  • Victoria Halina

    Victoria Halina

    Explorer, starter, change agent. Polymath — you’ll tell by my writing. Founder at www.alpacacoffee.co.uk — single origin coffee in plastic free packaging.

  • Emily Johnston

    Emily Johnston

    Poet, scribe, climate activist, runner, builder. My book, Her Animals, is out now: http://bit.ly/2FjfLLP

  • James Ravenscroft

    James Ravenscroft

    Ml and NLP Geek, Saxophonist, foodie and explorer. I was born in Bermuda and I Live in the UK, PHD Student at Warwick and CTO at Filament.

  • The Beam

    The Beam

    The Beam unites the changemakers and innovators in the Global Climate Action movement to amplify their voices. Contact us: thebeam@the-beam.com

  • Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Climate & environmental scientist, working on solutions. Also: Executive Director, Project Drawdown. Personal views. GlobalEcoGuy.org

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