• Judith Weber

    Judith Weber

  • Sandip Sonawane

    Sandip Sonawane

  • Elijah Szasz

    Elijah Szasz

    Elijah runs a LA/SLC creative agency focused on the good side of technology. He’s also a mediocre athlete, father, and entrepreneur. https://www.spark6.com/

  • Bella Soulz

    Bella Soulz

  • Louise Al-Hakkak

    Louise Al-Hakkak

  • Gautam Raturi

    Gautam Raturi

    Technical Content Writer at Quytech | AI/ML | AR/VR | Blockchain | Gaming | Passionate for Writing about Advance & Latest Technology

  • David Henderson

    David Henderson

    David is an environmental philosopher who teaches at Western Carolina University in the southern Appalachian mountains.

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